Seashell 3 foot tree

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Seas and Greetings! Bring home the magic of the beach! With an abundance of 140 ILLUMINATED seashells, sand dollars and starfish, this tree is perfect for your seashore home or business. This 3 foot Seashell tree is both amazingly beautiful and stunning. The various seashells include augers, whelks, clams, murex, conch, cone seashells and many more. What if you don't live at the beach? This 3 foot whimsical tree also allows you to bring coastal sophistication to your home in Ohio, New Jersey, Colorado or wherever it may be! Seashells are nature's gift to the world. Ease right back into your vacation happy place and order a Seashell Christmas tree today!

this tree is available in other sizes 16" $150 and 4 foot $450.