About the Tree Artist

Whether creating holiday trees, practicing Bikram Hot Yoga, swinging a tennis racket or working as a bartender, Liz Purcell lives a spirited and cheerful life. Her inspiration and creativity arise from the celebration of family and friends, her affection for children, and love of all things Christmas! With a unique vision and boundless energy, every tree brings a new dimension to Christmas. Flow and continuity are integral to her designs. Luckily her husband, Jim, is also an amazing and supportive elf!

Born in Northern Kentucky, Liz was drawn to Island Life while visiting on vacation during summer break from college. it didn't take her long to realize that Hilton Head would be a great place to call home. Just a few years later, she started to make these festive and vibrant Christmas trees. What started out as a fun homemade gift for friends and family has turned into a passion!

Her unique trees have fashioned homes and businesses throughout America, as she captures the hearts and minds of an ever-growing list of patrons. Liz The Season has grown into a business that allows people to celebrate all the seasons and Holidays we enjoy throughout the year.

She looks forward to creating a tree for you because Holiday Cheer is here!