Trees FAQs

   How are Liz The Season trees made?

The first step is making the frame of the tree with wire, giving it a cylindrical tree shape.Then the lights are added, either 50ct, 60ct or 70ct, depending upon the style and height of the tree. Taller trees will double and even triple the count of lights. The light colors are either clear or multi-colored. We are going a little greener this holiday season and using brighter, cost-saving, energy-efficient LED holiday lights whenever we can! LED Christmas lights last longer, save on energy costs, and are better for the environment. And what better time of year to go green than Christmas? Most 16" trees showcase 14 to 18 ornaments made by fine companies such as Kurt S.Adler and Cape Shore. Larger trees mean many more ornaments. And of course there is garland! Lots of garland! A single small tree takes between 30 to 50 feet. Larger trees may require up to 200 feet of garland! WOW, you say! Festive green, evergreen, white or iridescent silver and gold snowstorm are the colors used for garland. 



How do Liz The Season trees measure up?

The overall dimensions of the smallest tree are 15 inches in diameter at the base and 16 inches in height. 36" tall trees also measure 15 inches diameter at the base. Lastly, the tress that stand at 48" tall are 19" at the base. 5 and 6 foot slim-line trees are also available. These measurements are approximate and vary depending upon the ornaments and thickness of the garland.

How is your tree going to measure up?