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It’s Fall — and Baby, some day’s it’s sunny outside, but CHRISTMAS 2021 is GONNA BE HERE B4 you know it! 

So there you were just minutes ago, sipping coffee, or maybe wine if it’s that time of day, checking emails when —BAM!! — you’ve landed on Liz’s website, and Wow! She is selling her hand crafted and beautifully made Christmas trees.
Why are people pulling over cars and quitting whatever they happen to be doing to get these? Well, They are an instant hit with ANYONE, we think, and with Christmas   right around the corner and all of the fun parties happening this holiday season you may as well click on the “shop our catalog” link and load up for yourself! You deserve some good Christmas spirit at home this year! They also make perfect gifts through the holidays and well into 2022 if you want to celebrate that long. 

A person who uses his hands is a Laborer.

A person who uses his hands and his head is a Craftsman.

A person who uses his hands, his head and his heart is an Artist.

-Louis Nizer

Buying handmade can become a total lifestyle choice. Choosing to buy handmade is just like choosing to buy local produce. You simply cannot compare mass produced products to artisan created goods in terms of inspiration, quality, and attention to detail. There is also an undeniable and irreplaceable element of the artist in every handcrafted item - a spirit and soul that stamps each item in a way that mainstream production cannot replicate. The finished product is truly something to be treasured and enjoyed. 

My name is Liz Purcell and I am the Founder and Tree Artist of Liz The Season. Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world. It is a celebration of love, joy and unity; symbolized by familiar images that are designed to conjure up warm feelings of home, family, the spirit of peace, new beginnings and a giving spirit. I hope you find our tabletop trees to be as much of an inspiration for Christmas joy as they are to us.


Tabletop Christmas trees are ideal for small limited places having no room for a full-size tree. My trees come in numerous sizes 16", 3’ slim-line and 4’ slim-line, 5’ slim and 6’ slim. If you live in an apartment, small home, or want to add modernism in your grandiose mansion, these Liz the Season trees add Christmas touches around the house without taking up too much space. They may be just what your office or place of business needs for easy decorating. Combining whimsy, tradition and charm, our LED pre-lit trees never go out of style and last for many years. Shop our catalog (this is where you can customize the ornaments, colors and lighting of your tree) and find the perfect decorative tree for your home or business. Local delivery is free (usually by me) and we package and ship nationwide!

A note about shipping costs... Trees come to your door fully assembled. They are shipped in oversized boxes with lots of padding in order to assure that there is no breakage to the delicate ornaments. We charge real time cost for shipping and do not add a handling charge. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a special order, Please call 843-338-1357 or email www.LizTheSeason@yahoo.com TODAY!


I love sharing Holiday joy with others and appreciate your business! Over the 25 years that I have been a tree artist the #1 source of new purchasers have been referrals from people that have bought a tree and loved it so much that they told friends and family about it (for which I am so very grateful). Thank you for helping "spread the word" and making wishes come true! Merry Christmas!